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Vision and Belief for Business Owners

In all goals or tasks we complete, we are guided by a purpose. Having a clear sense of vision for your business allows you to define and achieve short-term or long-term goals. This is the first and most crucial step in starting or running a business. If you don’t know where you’re going, how do you plan on getting there? More than just a goal, a vision is the embodiment of our hopes and dreams for your business. With the tools at your disposal, you make those dreams a reality. You don’t need a degree in business or years of experience to build a vision for your business. Trusting in your capabilities is the key to making a change and seeing results. We’ve gathered our tips and tricks for building and growing your vision as a business owner. 

  1. Believe in yourself: 

Believing in yourself is step 1. If you don’t believe you are capable of achieving your goals, odds are you won’t. One reason many business entrepreneurs fail is that they give up after failing. Don’t get stuck in the situation or dwell on your failures. Instead, overlook the failure and find ways to the road to success. There are millions of business owners who have walked in your shoes and know what it feels like to fail or make mistakes, but they wouldn’t be where they are if they hadn’t picked themselves up and tried harder the second time around. Every successful business goes through phases, but don’t let it be your downfall. 

  1. Write it down:

Once you’ve developed confidence in your entrepreneurial abilities, you are ready to get your vision on paper. I recommend starting with 3 essential pillars of finding a vision: mission statement, vision, and values. Your mission statement will define what you’re there to do. It is the general heading of what your business is. Remember, your mission should be timeless and rarely, if ever, change. 

Your vision is where you aspire to be once you’ve achieved your mission. A strong visions statement defines where the company is now, and where you would like to be in the future. Focus on your business goals and future aspirations. Your vision should be uplifting and inspiring. 

Building upon your mission and vision, you need business values. What do you stand for? What core values make up the DNA of your business? By defining your values, you can better guide business decisions and customers can know what to expect from your service or product. Make sure to use strong concrete language to make it clear what your values mean and how they represent your business.

  1. Patiently, confidently, work at it

You have the power to make an impact through your business endeavors. You have something useful to offer the world. Build that confidence, create a concrete message and vision, and work towards building it. When your audience interacts with you or your business, they should find value in it. As entrepreneurs, we need to have a little faith that if we keep at it, everything will turn out fine in the end. If you set achievable goals for yourself, believe in your abilities, speak into existence what you want for your business, and work towards those goals every day, you will see results.

If you are already in business but have felt overwhelmed with the workloads and stress of growing your business, you may want to think about outsourcing to a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are easy and affordable and can help you achieve all your business goals. It’s no secret that investing in your business is incredibly useful in achieving success. 


3 Rules For Success In Your Small Business

Are you stuck in your business? Do you feel like you are a hamster running on a wheel but going nowhere? I have been there so many times, feeling like I was working so hard but never seeing real progress or real success.

Finally, I figured out through a lot of personal development and mindset audios and videos and a few seminars (I’m a slow learner) that the problem was my mindset, my thinking. The problem was me. How you think about life, yourself, and your business will determine your success or failure.

Today I have 3 rules that have helped me change how I think and how I approach my business. I hope they are helpful for someone else.

3 Rules for Success in Network Marketing:

1 . Take Personal Responsibility. The truth is that whether you succeed or fail is your choice. We all know that we reap what we sow, right? What kind of seeds are you sowing in your business? When you own your failures, you have a better chance at succeeding the next time. So own it and take personal responsibility for it.

What kind of seeds are you sowing?  Is it seeds of complaining, whining when  things don’t go your way, seeds of negativity? Because that’s exactly what you will get back in return.

2. Change your speech. Are you saying things like “I’m just not good at this”, “I can’t get anyone to buy what I have to offer”, “I’m just not good at talking to people”.

These words will kill your business faster than anything. You have to change your talk. Your words are powerful. Do you know who can control your words?……..YOU!

You are the only one who can stop the negative and change it to a positive. So change how you speak. Life and death is in the power of the tongue. Make sure you are speaking life into your business.

3. Don’t let doubt get in the way. This is huge. Maybe you are worried and fearful and you doubt that success in business could ever really happen for you? Those doubts, fears and worries lead to failure. Maybe you get anxious when it’s not moving fast enough, or not working out exactly how you pictured it. This leads people to quit and move on to other things. That’s why so many people in a new small business fail, because they don’t fix what’s in between their ears first. Their way of thinking.

So work on your personal growth today. I know I am and continue to every day for my business and for my life. Changing how we think by taking personal responsibility for how things are currently in our life and business, will change our business in a positive way. Change your speech, and don’t let anxiety get in the way of your success.

To your success,

Genean Roberts