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We are a team of professionals who work hard to improve overall efficiency in your business. Our services range from project management to process improvement, to recruiting and onboarding to executive administration!  We do the back-end work, the busy work, so you can focus on what you love in your business.


To grow your business, streamlining is necessary. You need strategic objectives to effectively and efficiently run your organization. It’s important to make sure you have organized processes in place to ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible. That’s where we come in.


Our Mission: To deliver value to our clients while always giving the best quality efficiently and effectively, so that you can begin living your life by design.

Digital Marketing Agency

Genean Roberts was a wonderful help! A small publishing company like mine needs people like her to get organized! I appreciated her knowledge of social media across the board… kind and easy to work with, she took it upon herself to dig deep to find solutions. I recommend Life By Design Virtual Assistant Services! I was so impressed with Genean’s knowledge and experience with all the platforms across the board! I recommend her services!

Erin Chandler – Rabbit House Press

“Genean was asked to call and email around to professionals and providers in the area, play phone tag and email tag, and complete the referrals in order to save me a lot of time. She is also asked to maintain a cheerful attitude with patients and providers in order to represent my office. She has excelled at these skills in every way. She is quick! No one has worked faster or had quicker turnaround time! I appreciate that she updates me in detail about the work, takes initiative and responsibility, and requires very little management. Genean’s service has been excellent for us!”

Dr. Lisa