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Lead Generation Tasks You Can Delegate To A Virtual Assistant

First of all, what is a lead?

A lead is someone who is interested in your product, service, or business. A person shows interest by submitting personal information to get a freebie, signs up for a trial, or subscribes to your content. This person is a lead. 

There are two types of leads, outbound leads and inbound leads, and both are important for growing your business. 

An outbound lead is someone who doesn’t know about your business yet, but you want them to know about it. The best way to get people to know about your business is to reach out to those potential customers, interest them in your product/services, and explain what you do and how you can help them. This is where a virtual assistant (VA) comes in. You can delegate some outbound lead generation tasks to VA’s!

4 Outbound lead generation tasks you can delegate.

  1. Cold calling- When hiring a VA for cold calling, make sure they are well versed in your business or industry. Give them a script and tight parameters to ensure they have the tools they need to do the job well. 
  2. Cold emailing- Any VA should have experience writing emails and setting up campaigns. This is a great task to outsource to your VA. Just make sure they are on brand and in your voice. 
  3. Social selling- Social selling allows your business to zero in on business prospects on social media and build rapport with a network of potential leads. Done right, social selling could potentially replace the dreaded practice of cold calling.
  4. Data collection- This is an easy one. Once you have reached out to a potential customer, you will collect information about them, such as their contact information. Have your VA compile all the data for your leads into an organized spreadsheet for future use. 

Alternatively, inbound leads come to you through your social media, website, or blog. They find you through SEO keywords or even word of mouth.  

Managing inbound leads is time consuming. Getting people’s attention, especially on the internet, is very competitive. In order to attract clients, you need to understand what a potential consumer needs or what their pain points are. You have to study that, write copy and make graphics that portray their needs and how you are the business that offers a solution! And ultimately, get them to you with a CTA! Phew. 

These things take up a lot of time–time that you could be spending on other tasks, like developing your product or expanding your team.

6 Inbound lead generation tasks your VA can handle for you.

  1. Content creation- Definitely hire a VA for this. Content creation is time- consuming, but ultimately, not terribly difficult. Allow your VA access to your previous content, logos, and brand kits. Have them create content with your voice. This content can be used on all social media platforms, marketing campaigns, blogs etc. 
  2. Social media management- Many businesses will offload the entirety of their social media to a VA. This VA can create content, come up with a social media strategy, schedule out social media to a variety of platforms, and engage with your customer base, so you don’t have to!
  3. Email marketing- Hire a VA to help you with creating and sending email campaigns.
  4. Basic SEO– Many VA’s are well versed in SEO, which is important to consider in our social media driven marketing world, and take advantage of their skills.
  5. Basic marketing research- You most likely don’t have time to research potential leads and your competition. A VA is a perfect person to spend the hours needed nurturing leads and seeing what your competition is doing. What is working for them and what isn’t? Your VA can help you find out. 
  6. Graphic design- There are a variety of software options available now for graphic design that don’t require a bachelor’s degree in graphic design to navigate. A VA can create and edit graphics for you to use in various areas of your marketing. 

In conclusion, businesses should have inbound and outbound lead generation as part of their sales and marketing efforts. It’s a process that begins with generating awareness about your product or service and ends with converting leads into customers, which involves dozens of smaller activities that you simply have no time for.

That’s why many businesses delegate their inbound and outbound lead generation to a VA. It’s more efficient and cost-effective to hire someone to fill your sales pipeline with interested leads. 

And when you have a VA to help you with generating leads, they can also help with other tasks, like social media management and email campaigns.

Think about it this way: would you rather spend hours trying to generate leads yourself or use that time to work on high-level tasks that only you can do? If you want to focus on growing your business, then lead generation is best left to a virtual assistant. 

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