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How to Write a Newsletter That People Will Actually Open

Newsletters are a great way to stay connected with your customers and audience. They can pack a valuable punch if done right. Don’t miss out on an excellent opportunity to inform, entertain and plug a CTA. So how do you write an influential newsletter that won’t just end up in someone’s delete box or, worse, spam box? 

Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  1. Try to keep to one topic per newsletter. Newsletters read better when there is a purpose. Yes, you have all kinds of events, news, things to promote, etc., happening at all times. But, if you have a cohesive theme. Your newsletter will stand out. Try to keep each month/quarter streamlined. 
  1. Try to keep a ratio of 90% educational and 10% promotional. Newsletters need to provide value. People are going to be more inclined to open your newsletter and read it if they think they are going to learn something new. 
  1. Your subject line needs to be killer! Keep it short, keep it funny, be creative and make it different for each newsletter you send. And don’t make it spammy. Don’t include words like ACTION, OPEN NOW, ACT NOW, LIMITED TIME. People get hundreds of emails daily, and spammy comments are annoying. 
  1. Pick one Call To Action (CTA). Focus on one, don’t overwhelm the reader, or honestly, ask too much of a person’s time with having all these CTA’s bogging down the newsletter. Please keep it to one. Trust me. 
  1. Keep design and copy minimal. Newsletters can feel cluttered. You want to stay clear of that. Keep your copy concise and leave plenty of white space. Keeping the copy minimal will give your readers a taste of your content, and hopefully, they will want to learn more by heading to your website. And white space is key to keeping the look of the newsletter clutter-free. 
  1. Make sure your newsletter can be easily read on mobile devices. You know folks are catching up on email on their commute, lunch break, at the gym, etc. Make sure the design works for both desktop and mobile. So break up the copy, use bullets, use a zigzag pattern with alternating copy and pictures, and don’t forget to make the headline big and bold. 
  1. Don’t forget to make your newsletter easy to unsubscribe. Give the reader the option to unsubscribe easily; otherwise, for sure, your email is heading to the spam box! 

So now that you have some great tips on making your newsletter look good, how about a few ideas on what to include. Try adding new blogs; maybe you have a webinar coming up to promote or add the link to the webinar that just passed. Promotions, discounts, company news, testimonials, how-to-guides, phew! The options are endless. 

So go ahead, have some fun with it. Keep it tidy and informative. And let us know if you still need help writing and designing killer newsletters. We are here for you.

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