Expressing Gratitude: A Thanksgiving Note from Life By Design Virtual Solutions

At Life By Design Virtual Solutions, Thanksgiving isn’t just a holiday, but a state of mind that we strive to incorporate into our daily business practices. In the spirit of this season of gratitude, we wanted to take a moment to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to those who have made our journey possible – our invaluable clients.

Navigating the world of virtual professional services is filled with challenges. Each day comes with its hurdles, from understanding employment laws and managing employee relations to ensuring workplace safety and improving job satisfaction. Yet, what makes this journey rewarding and fulfilling is our ability to serve and make a difference in our clients’ businesses.

We understand that by outsourcing your executive administrative or human resources functions (to name only a few!) to us, you place an immense degree of trust in our hands. We acknowledge this trust and want to express our sincere thanks for choosing us as your partners. Your faith in us fuels our commitment to deliver innovative, efficient, and cost-effective virtual solutions tailored to your needs.

Our collaboration with various businesses—be it established real estate agencies, scientific research start-ups, thriving pet care businesses, or busy consulting firms—has enriched our experiences and spurred our growth as a virtual professionals agency. Every interaction and every challenge has been a learning opportunity, helping us stay agile and continually improve our services.

We are thankful for your candid feedback—praises, constructive criticism, and suggestions alike. These exchanges have fostered a mutually beneficial relationship, enabling us to refine our strategies and provide you with superior services. We believe that the heart of a good business lies in open communication and we are grateful for the open channels we maintain with you, our clients.

Beyond our professional relationship, we are thankful for the personal bonds we have formed. We cherish the stories we have shared and the mutual respect we have fostered. In this digital age, where services can often feel impersonal, we are proud to have established genuinely caring relationships grounded in empathy and understanding.

Above all, we are grateful for the transformation we have witnessed in your businesses. Seeing you maximize your core competencies while we manage some of your systems, and observing how our services have contributed to your growth, profitability, and success—these are the moments that fill us with immense pride and satisfaction.

As we embrace this season of thanksgiving, we pledge our continued support and unwavering dedication to your success. Your growth is our growth, and your success is our success. As always, we remain committed to providing you with exceptional HR, project management, and executive assistant services.

In closing, from the bottom of our hearts here at Life By Design Virtual Solutions, we say, “Thank You!” Your trust, support, and partnership mean the world to us. As we look forward to another year, we are excited about the opportunities to further serve you and deepen our relationship.

Here’s to a future of shared success and prosperity. Happy Thanksgiving!

Please be advised of our upcoming holiday hours. Life By Design Virtual Solutions will be closed on the following dates:

  • Thanksgiving Day and the day after 
  • December 25th and 26th
  • December 29th through January 2nd


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6 Misconceptions About Outsourcing Your HR Team

In the realm of business, misconceptions and fallacies are as prevalent as the daily challenges we face. Particularly when discussing the outsourcing of Human Resources (HR) functions, the prevalent myths can often cloud judgment and decision-making processes. However, rest assured, our team of proficient virtual professionals is prepared to dispel these misconceptions!

  1. Myth 1: It’s Only for Big Companies. Outsourcing comes in all sizes. It’s not just for big corporations but for small and medium-sized businesses too! Outsourcing HR isn’t just a ‘big business’ game, it’s also a winning strategy for small companies and entrepreneurs. This approach allows smaller entities to tap into an expansive pool of expertise, which would otherwise be cost-prohibitive. It enables them to have access to the same level of HR services as their larger counterparts but at a fraction of the cost. By outsourcing HR functions, small organizations can focus on their core business objectives without getting overwhelmed with administrative tasks. Moreover, with a virtual HR agency, they gain the flexibility to scale up or down as per their business needs without the commitment of full-time hires. In essence, hiring a virtual agency democratizes access to top-notch HR services, making it possible for small businesses and entrepreneurs to compete effectively in the market.
  2. Myth 2: It’s Too Expensive. This myth is deeply rooted, yet it couldn’t be further from the truth. Outsourcing HR functions to an expert agency is often a more cost-effective strategy, especially for small businesses and startups. Instead of bearing the cost of full-time salaries, benefits, office space, and other overheads associated with an in-house team, companies only pay for the services they need when they hire an outside agency. Additionally, these agencies possess a broad range of expertise in HR practices and laws, saving businesses from costly legal issues or compliance missteps. Therefore, the perceived high cost of outsourcing HR is a myth; in reality, it is an investment that yields significant returns in the form of financial savings and risk mitigation. 
  3. Myth 3: Outsourcing Means Losing Control. Not true! You’re still the boss. Outsourcing simply means delegating tasks to professionals who can handle them efficiently. This myth is misleading. When you outsource HR functions to a competent agency, you’re not surrendering control, but rather strategically delegating responsibilities. You still have the final say on all important matters and the outsourced HR team works according to your guidelines and policies. In fact, outsourcing can enhance control over your business. It allows you to focus on what you do best while leaving administrative and legal tasks to professionals with specialized knowledge and skills. By improving efficiency and productivity, outsourcing HR can help you gain tighter control over your business operations, rather than diminishing it.
  4. Myth 4: Communication Will Suffer. This myth misses the mark significantly. In fact, outsourcing to a professional agency can enhance communication rather than hamper it. Expert agencies come equipped with a team of skilled communicators who know how to optimize both internal and external communication effectively. They utilize state-of-the-art technology and tools that allow for real-time communication and collaboration, fostering a seamless exchange of information. Regular updates, reports, and meetings are part of their operational model, ensuring you’re always in the loop about your HR functions. Your outsourced HR team can even handle onboarding, training and knowledge transfer by utilizing software like Trainual, which can streamline the entire process for you.  Thus, with proper planning and the use of modern digital tools, outsourcing HR can lead to improved, not diminished, communication. 
  5. Myth 5: Quality Will Decrease. This is another misconception. In reality, outsourcing HR to a professional agency can enhance, not compromise, the quality of HR functions. These agencies bring specialized expertise to the table, deploying trained HR professionals who are committed to maintaining high standards. They are constantly up-to-date with the latest HR practices, compliance regulations, and industry trends, ensuring that their service delivery is always top-notch. Moreover, the professional reputation of these agencies relies on providing quality services, which adds an extra layer of assurance for businesses. Through rigorous quality control processes and a deep understanding of HR operations, an outsourced agency can ensure consistent high-quality output. 
  6. Myth 6: It’s Impersonal. This is a common misconception that fails to recognize the dedication and professionalism of competent HR agencies. Contrary to this belief, many HR outsourcing agencies strive to build strong, personal relationships with their clients. They take the time to understand the unique needs and culture of each business, tailoring their services accordingly. This personalized approach ensures that the HR functions align perfectly with the company’s goals and values. Furthermore, with the aid of modern tech tools, they maintain consistent and personal communication. So, rather than being impersonal, outsourcing HR can actually help foster a more personalized and effective HR strategy for your business. 

While there is no shortage of misconceptions about outsourcing HR functions, the reality paints a different picture. It is clear that outsourcing HR can indeed be a strategic, cost-effective, and efficient solution for businesses of all sizes. So, don’t let misconceptions deter you from exploring the potential advantages of outsourcing HR. Embrace this strategic function and drive your business towards higher efficiency, productivity, and success.

Ready to dispel the myths and discover the benefits of outsourcing your HR team? Meet Life By Design Virtual Solutions! We are a team of dedicated professionals with a wide range of skills including HR! Let’s chat! 


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Unleash the Power of Virtual Teams: Your Secret Weapon to Finishing the Year Strong

September feels almost like January. After the summer, we are back at our desks, ready to finish the last few months of the year STRONG!

As the fourth quarter dawns, every business owner’s mind is focused on one thing – finishing the year on solid footing! In the world of business, the fourth quarter is often synonymous with a frenzied rush to meet objectives, finalize deals, and boost the bottom line. It’s a time when energy levels are tested, and the demand for efficiency is at its peak. We, at Life By Design Virtual Solutions, understand this reality all too well. We are a diverse team, well-equipped to tackle those tasks you don’t to do, all the while delivering quality results.

Hiring a team of virtual professionals is not just about delegation; it’s about harnessing the collective skills of a team that is as invested in your business’s success as you are. This team of rock stars can manage a range of tasks – from administrative duties and project management to recruiting and HR tasks. The advantage? You have more time and energy to focus on the strategic decisions that will give your business the year-end push it needs.

How can hiring a dynamic team of virtual professionals help you achieve your fourth quarter goals?

  1. Scalability and Flexibility: One of the key advantages of hiring a virtual team like Life By Design Virtual Solutions is the flexibility it offers. During the frantic fourth quarter, your workload can fluctuate dramatically. Having a virtual team at your disposal allows you to scale your manpower up or down based on your current needs without any long-term commitments or overhead costs.
  2. Cost-Effective: By hiring a virtual team like Life By Design Virtual Solutions, you can get top-tier talent without breaking the bank. There’s no need to worry about the overhead costs that come with hiring in-house employees such as office space, equipment, or benefits. You only pay for the work done, making it a cost-effective solution, particularly important as you sprint towards your end-of-year financial goals.
  3. Increased Productivity: With a virtual team, the work does not stop. Whether you’re in meetings, strategizing for the new quarter, or even sleeping, your business keeps going. A virtual team can cover different time zones, ensuring tasks are being tackled around the clock. This kind of productivity can give your business the extra push needed to finish the fourth quarter strong.

Choosing Life By Design Virtual Solutions as your partner in this crucial period is like having an ace up your sleeve. Our ability to adapt swiftly to your business dynamics and provide personalized solutions ensures your operations are smooth and efficient. More than just assisting in your daily tasks, we act as a catalyst to drive your business to new heights.

In the world of virtual assistance, collaboration is key. Life By Design Virtual Solutions thrives on its ability to collaborate seamlessly with clients and within their team. They believe in the power of collective intelligence and the magic it can create when applied to streamline business operations. By fostering an environment of open communication and mutual respect, we ensure that your business objectives are fully understood and met with precision.

The year’s end is fast approaching, and the pressure is mounting. With Life By Design Virtual Solutions on your side, there’s no need for panic. Our team of dedicated, skilled freelancers is ready to jump in, get our hands dirty, and help you finish the year strong. It’s time to turn up the heat this fourth quarter and blaze through those final milestones with Life By Design Virtual Solutions as your trusted partner.

Let us handle the nitty-gritty, while you steer your ship towards a successful year-end.


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We Get It Right The FIRST Time!

At Life By Design Virtual Solutions, we are a team of professionals who work hard to improve the overall efficiency in your business. We can provide a wide range of services such as project management, process improvement, recruiting, onboarding and executive administration!  We do the back-end work, and the busy work, so you can focus on what you love in your business.

A few ways we can help you with your business:

  • Project Management
  • Executive Assistance
  • Human Resources/Recruiting

Our goal is to help you grow your business, and to do that, streamlining is essential. You know you have streamlined your business when you have strategic objectives that help you effectively and efficiently run your organization. Additionally, you have organized processes to ensure that your business runs as smoothly as possible, as often as possible.

This is where we come in. We will help you solidify your objectives and processes so your business is running at its best. You get to put your focus back into the things that fueled your fire when you started your business journey.

When you started your business, it was likely a solo journey. The decision to hire an employee or contract work to a virtual team can be confusing and difficult to commit to. Sometimes an employee is a better choice, especially if you need someone to be at a job site in person, to do things like greet customers. However, many times a virtual professional can do anything an in-office employee can do at a fraction of the cost, and without all of the HR paperwork. 

Here are a few ways a virtual team can be more beneficial than an employee:

  • No Extra Hidden Costs
  • No Wasted Time That You Are Paying For
  • No Overhead
  • Virtual Professionals Have Specialized Skill Sets
  • Flexible Hours

Hiring an experienced team can change everything for your business, as long as you choose the right one. There are an overwhelming number of Virtual Assistants applying for jobs at this time, so there can feel like a daunting amount of options. Just remember that while there is no shortage of companies to choose from, the quality of the company you choose is directly related to how well your business will grow.

So how does Life by Design Virtual Solutions stand out from the crowd?

We value our clients and our team members as people first. We work hard to create a strong culture within our organization and to utilize our team’s individual strengths. Honing our company culture and providing close attention to each Virtual Assistant’s skill set, allows us to help our clients achieve their goals and grow their businesses!

For this reason, we base our approach on getting it right the first time– strategizing with you, developing a solid plan, and implementing it well to create a long-term relationship that is a good fit for all involved.

You and your business deserve the quality and efficiency that a professional virtual team can provide, along with the assuredness of someone working alongside you and your business to help it grow.

That’s what we do at Life by Design Virtual Solutions. 

Who is Life By Design Virtual Solutions?

Life By Design Virtual Solutions brings together a diverse group of professionals with unique skill sets who collaborate seamlessly. Our team’s ability to work together harmoniously and leverage each other’s strengths makes us the ideal choice for your company. By hiring our team, you’ll gain access to a powerhouse of talent and expertise that will drive your company’s success to new heights.

We are THE virtual solution for your business. 

What are you waiting for?

Let’s talk. Schedule your completely free consultation and see how we can help you get your time back! 


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Hot New Trends: How to Grow Your Reach With Threads

Life By Design Virtual Solutions is on the bandwagon. Say hi to us on Threads @lifebydesignvirtualsolutions.

With rumors of Twitter’s downfall happening in real-time, like some sort of reality tv show, the opening for a new text-based social app has been widening — and apparently, people are here for it. 

Threads broke the record for most downloaded app on launch day with 30 million sign-ups and has already passed the 100 million mark in under a week. The last app to hit those kinds of numbers was ChatGPT, which achieved that number of downloads 2 months after launch! And FYI, before ChatGPT, it was TikTok, which took 9 months to see those numbers. 

So naturally, Life By Design Virtual Solutions jumped on board!

Here is what you need to know:

  • Threads is brought to you by Meta’s Instagram team aka Mark Zuckerberg. 
  • Threads is a platform that allows you to publish short posts or updates that are up to 500 characters. As opposed to Twitter’s 280 character limit. 
  • You can include links, photos or videos up to 5 minutes long. And as of now, no need for hashtags!
  • Threads uses your Instagram account to sign up. It’s a different platform, but you still need an IG account to create and activate a Threads account. You keep your username, followers and verification status.
  • The download numbers mentioned above do not include the European Union, as Threads is not yet active in the EU. So, if you are a business in the EU, stay tuned.
  • Threads is still in its infancy therefore we don’t know what “The Perfect Thread” looks like just yet. Content creators, marketing teams, and business owners are very much still testing the waters and learning the new platform. 

How to use Threads as a small business owner:

  • Spark a discussion, ask questions, and get to know your audience.
  • Some users are straight up asking their followers what content they want to see on Threads.
  • Got any major launches coming up? Share it on Threads.
  • Do you have any information on upcoming events, sale dates, or even any product specifications that may be worth sharing with your audience? Strike while the iron is hot, share it on Threads.
  • Showcase your brand, take this hot opportunity to share photo and video content that reflects your products and purpose. The more people see what you do, the better!
  • The ultimate goal of your business being on social media is to make sales, right? Don’t miss this opportunity to get a Thread-related offer out to their audience, while the world is buzzing with Threads excitement.

It’s early days for Threads and we may not know if it will make it in the long-haul. There are still features that are problematic for users. For example, users’ timelines are a mess, and not chronologically ordered like Twitter. And if you decide you don’t want to use Threads anymore, you can’t delete the account without also deleting your Instagram account. 


Not only that, but Threads definitely got Elon Musk’s attention. He has filed a lawsuit against Threads accusing Meta of intentionally stealing “Twitter’s trade secrets.” 

Get out the popcorn. 

So bottom line. If you are a business owner, join Threads. It’s breaking records and any way to get eyes on your business through a free social media platform is smart marketing. 

So sign up! And while you are at it, come follow us! @lifebydesignvirtualsolutions.



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Summertime Strategies for Business Owners

It’s no secret that the summertime can be a hectic time for business owners. With temperatures rising and hours of daylight increasing, it can be easy to forget about taking some well-deserved time off for yourself.

As a business owner, your priority is to keep your company growing and profitable. But, in order to do this successfully, you need to ensure that you take time out for yourself every now and then – especially during the summertime. Achieving a work-life balance is essential for improving productivity and preventing burnout.

One of the best ways to enjoy the summertime while still growing your business is by taking some time out to enjoy nature. Taking a break from work and immersing yourself in nature can help reduce stress, clear your mind and renew your focus and energy for the tasks ahead. In Japan, shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, is actually prescribed by medical professionals to combat work burn-out. 

There are many simple activities you can do outdoors that will help you relax while still keeping an eye on your business. For example, you could try going for a walk or a hike in the countryside. You could also try going for a swim at your local beach or lake. Even spending some time fishing or reading in a quiet spot can be incredibly calming and rewarding. Just get out there and embrace ecotherapy. 

Meditation is another great way to enjoy nature while still keeping an eye on work-related tasks. Sitting outside in a peaceful, natural environment can help you clear your mind and focus on the task at hand. It can also help you gain perspective and allow you to make decisions that are best for your business.

Another important way to stay productive during summer is adopting time management strategies. Time management is key for achieving a great work-life balance during the summer months. Summertime can be deceiving, with the longer daylight hours, we can oftentimes feel that we have plenty of time to get everything done that needs to be completed. 

We wake up energized as we head to work in daylight and we even return home and it’s still daylight. The entire evening is available to spend with friends, get caught up on household projects, take part in a favorite hobby or finish those last emails. But what happens in reality? Many people with the best intentions, end up finding that at the end of the week, you haven’t accomplished enough and are taking work home for the weekend. This happens to the best of us.

Time management is just that – the ability to manage time. It requires effort to be good at it and in most cases, must be learned. How good are your time management skills? 

Here are some time management strategies that can really help you stay on track during the glorious summer months:

  • Schedule time for high-priority tasks.

Organizing a list of things that need to be done is a great way to keep track of your progress. But, there are only so many hours in a day and it is up to you to make sure you are using your time in the most efficient way possible. So instead of hammering out a to-do list, make a schedule for your most important priorities. 

Any task that’s important to your success should have a time assigned to it. Appointment books or software work if you follow them. Schedule appointments with yourself and create time blocks for high-priority thoughts, conversations, and actions. Using software such as Infinity, can help you prioritize tasks and stay on track. 

Keep in mind, as easy as it is to make a schedule, it takes a considerable amount of discipline to follow it. When you schedule something, follow through with it. You will find that this little trick reduces the amount of time you spend on less-productive activities.

  • Prioritize your actions. 

As a business owner, you are in charge of your own business. That means income produced is directly correlated to your actions, or the actions of those you delegate to. That said, you should spend the majority of your time working on income producing tasks. Leave menial work to those you hire/outsourced and work on the things that are most important to your business. 

It really comes down to how you value your time. Sure, you could spend all morning filing paperwork, and it is probably something that really needs to be done, but why not outsource that? Your time is really better spent working on bigger tasks.

  • Plan each day ahead of time.

Take the first 30 minutes of every day to plan your day. In fact, don’t even start your day until you have established a time plan. Know when you need to be somewhere, or when specific tasks need to be done. Knocking this out will eliminate down time and increase productivity. The more productive you are with your time, the more you can get done. You will be surprised at how much time a simple task like this can save you over the course of a week, month, or even a year.

  • Cut back on your availability.

As counterproductive as this may sound, reducing the amount of time you are available to others can be conducive to a productive work environment. You would be surprised at how much work you can get done by eliminating communications, or at least limiting your availability to others. 

Disconnect from the world for an allotted period of time every day. This can mean not responding to emails or phone calls immediately. The idea is to block out all distractions, unless it is something that demands your immediate attention. Don’t instantly give people your attention unless it’s absolutely crucial in your business. Instead, schedule a time to answer email and return phone calls. Sensing a trend? Scheduling is absolutely imperative to managing your time during the summer months. 

By creating an effective schedule that incorporates both business tasks and recreational summer activities, you’ll be able to get the most out of your day without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted.

So, take a break from work and enjoy the great outdoors this summer. There’s no better way to increase your productivity than by taking some time out for yourself and immersing yourself in nature. You’ll be surprised at how much more focused and productive you’ll become when you can balance business with pleasure!

Don’t let yourself get caught up in the hustle and bustle of business. Take time out to enjoy nature this summer – your business will thank you for it!

Interested in learning more about which tasks you can delegate? Contact our highly skilled executive assistant team to discuss how outsourcing can help with your business productivity. 




6 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Need to increase traffic to your website?

Start by promoting your blog. 

It’s no secret that every online business needs to increase its visibility if it is going to succeed. That’s why SEO (search engine optimization) and blogging are essential for boosting traffic. However, thousands (millions?) of blogs are being published every day, so you’ll need to think outside of the box when it comes to how you promote your blog, and therefore drive more traffic. 

By getting creative, you should have no problems convincing readers to opt for your content over the competition.

Get into Podcasting

Podcasts are excellent mediums for enjoying content on the go. They’re also available on various well-known platforms, with millions of listeners. With such huge audiences, podcasts provide the perfect opportunities to connect with new readers. Even better, there are lots of ways to get involved with this medium.

With many podcasts relying on sponsorships, you might lend financial support in return for an advert or byline. You could also be a feature on the podcast itself, either as an interviewee, guest, or expert. By presenting yourself as a blogger with something interesting to say, listeners will likely want to hear more from you.

To find these podcast opportunities, you may want to check out a podcast’s website for more information. Alternatively, most podcasters are actively looking for partners via social media.

Speak at Events

Blogs may be digital, but that doesn’t mean you can’t promote them in person. You can connect with potential new readers in the real world by speaking at in-person events or virtual conferences.

These events can be anything from a small, local meetups to a conference or event. The key is to find an event where your target audience is likely to attend. If attendees enjoy your session, they may decide to check out your blog and therefore your website.

Using social media can be a great way to discover relevant events. Once you’ve secured a speaking spot, it’s essential to make the most of it. This often means promoting your involvement across social media and writing blogs about your experience. All of these strategies can help attendees discover your blog, boost your profile as an expert in your field and drive that traffic. 

Build a Member’s Area

Consider converting one-time visitors to your website/blog into loyal repeat readers by offering memberships. Have readers sign up for freebies or for alerts whenever you publish a new blog by registering them on your website. 

After completing the registration process, your audience may feel invested in your blog, and therefore more compelled to keep coming back. As part of the registration process, you’ll also typically collect members’ contact information. You can then target these readers with email marketing. Win-win.


Do not ignore this platform. Short form video works well with promoting your blog. You can condense your latest post’s highlights into a short clip. After catching a user’s attention with a rapid-fire video, you can include a link to the full post in your profile. With over one billion monthly users on TikTok alone, promoting your blogs here is a smart move. 

Cross Post on LinkedIn and Medium

Your ultimate goal is to drive more people to your blog and ultimately to your website. Medium touts 100 million monthly readers, and it’s a great platform to get acquainted with. 

LinkedIn articles are considerably easier to find and therefore using this platform to cross post your articles may make them stand out better, whereas on other platforms, articles can get lost in the shuffle. 

Add Tweetable Quotes in Your Blog Content

Twitter provides a huge opportunity to promote your blog. You can actively encourage readers to share your content by creating tweetable quotes. These are ready-made quotes that fit neatly into Twitter’s character limit.

Whenever a reader clicks on this quote, it’ll generate a pre-written tweet containing the text. This feature makes it easy to share your blog in an engaging way.

You can add tweetable quotes to your posts using plugins such as TweetDis or Pagely.  These tools can embed a quote in any of your web pages with a shortcode or an editor block.

When deciding what to include in your quote, try to use text that sparks an emotional response. 

With over 30 million bloggers in the United States alone, your blog is facing some stiff competition. Fortunately, with the right techniques, you should have no problems making your voice heard. If you’re questioning how to promote your blog, we recommend focusing on channels that connect you with your ideal target audience. Of course, while these ideas can help you drive more traffic, you’ll also want to focus on the fundamentals such as SEO and keyword research.


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Hiring With a Purpose

What is the secret to having a better company and happier employees?

Conscious hiring. 

What this means is that you are aligning your recruiting and hiring practices to your business’s long-term goals. Instead of hiring someone solely based on their skillset, you consider the bigger picture. In this way, you not only select candidates who raise the bar skill-wise, but also the ones who are more engaged and will stick around.

It is essential for businesses to be conscious of their hiring practices in order to ensure success. Quality should always be the top priority when it comes to hiring and there are several steps that can be taken to ensure that quality is maintained.

First, it is important to measure quality when it comes to hiring. This means setting clear expectations for both candidates and hiring managers. It also means making sure that the recruitment process is efficient and effective, so that the best candidates are chosen for the job. Additionally, businesses should make sure they have a talent acquisition strategy in place that aligns with their business goals. This will help them identify the right people for the job and ensure they are able to meet their objectives.

Second, businesses should set realistic expectations for both candidates and hiring managers. Candidates should understand what is expected of them before applying for a job, and hiring managers should be aware of what skills and qualifications they need from potential employees. Additionally, businesses should hire for outcomes rather than qualifications; this means looking at how a candidate’s skills will help them achieve desired results rather than just focusing on their educational background or experience level.

Third, businesses should make sure they align values, motivation, and cultural fit when it comes to hiring practices. It’s important to find people who share similar values as your organization in order to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable working together towards common goals. Additionally, motivation is key; finding people who are passionate about their work will help keep morale high and productivity levels up throughout the organization. Finally, cultural fit is essential; making sure potential hires fit into your company culture will help create a cohesive team dynamic that leads to better results overall.

Fourth, businesses should pick technology that actually works when it comes to recruiting new employees. There are many tools available today that can streamline the hiring process and make it easier for employers to find qualified candidates quickly and efficiently. One tool we love is Trainual. Trainual is an AI-driven documentation, automated onboarding and training software that features one-click role charts, connected roles and responsibilities, and accessible SOPs all in one place. 

Additionally, outsourcing the recruiting process is a smart business move as well. You can save time and money by delegating this to an outside team of professionals like Life By Design Staffing Solutions. 

Overall, being conscious of your hiring practices is essential if you want your business to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. By measuring quality, aligning your talent acquisition strategy with business goals, setting realistic expectations for both candidates and hiring managers, hiring for outcomes instead of qualifications, aligning values, motivation and cultural fit with potential hires as well as picking technology that actually works – you can ensure you get the best possible employees into your organization which will lead you towards success!

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Systems For Your Business Is A Must

Previously, I have written about why you must have systems in place  in order to be an efficient and successful business. Systems of Procedures, or SOP’s, are the processes and protocols that guide employees in completing tasks consistently and effectively. Here are some of the key reasons why a business needs systems of procedures:


  1. Consistency: Systems of procedures ensure that tasks are completed consistently, regardless of who is performing them. This helps to make sure that the business is delivering a high-quality product or service to customers.

  2. Efficiency: By creating a clear roadmap for how tasks should be completed, systems of procedures help employees work more efficiently, which saves time and money. When employees repeat a task, in the same manner, every time, they will begin to complete it faster and with fewer errors each time.

  3. Training: Systems of procedures can be used to train new employees, ensuring that they understand how to complete tasks correctly. This not only reduces training time, but it can also be used as a reference for existing employees, keeping everyone up-to-date on the best practices and protocols for completing tasks.

  4. Scalability: As a business grows, it becomes more difficult to manage tasks without a clear system of procedures in place. Systems of procedures help ensure that tasks can be completed consistently and efficiently even as the business grows and becomes more complex.

  5. Compliance: Some tasks require strict adherence to laws and regulations. Systems of procedures can help ensure that employees are completing tasks in compliance with these regulations, reducing the risk of legal issues for the business.


Overall, systems of procedures are essential for any business that wants to operate efficiently and effectively. By providing consistency, efficiency, training, scalability, and compliance, these systems help ensure that the business is delivering high-quality products or services to its customers while minimizing the risk of errors or legal issues.

Getting systems in place may seem like a daunting task at first, but believe me, it’s better to have them in place BEFORE something happens, that way your business can keep on functioning while you deal with real life situations. 


Where to start:

  1. Write down what roles are required to get things done in your business.
  2.  Write down the tasks that these roles need to perform.
  3. Document the procedures, create checklists and/or videos that show how these tasks can be done.
  4. Specify the tools and software that are required and how they are useful.
  5. Identify the handover points between tasks done by different roles. Document these as part of the systems.
  6. Test the systems and refine them as needed.
  7. Explore opportunities for automation.
  8. Invest in software to assist with the training and SOP processes.


At Life By Design, we invest in software to make our training and SOP processes streamlined and consistent. We use a software called Trainual. Trainual is a powerful app. You can standardize employee training, systemize operations and scale your team as your business grows by keeping your onboarding, training, process docs, and SOPs — all in one app.

Getting systems in place has valuable benefits. It allows you to confidently step away from your business from time to time and also primes your business for sale or to scale.

Life By Design Virtual Solutions has a team of experts ready to help you standardize your business to help you maximize your efficiency.

We are ready and waiting to help you to refine your business for success!



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This Blog Post Was Written By AI, Mostly

First of all, yes, this blog was written by AI. Jasper AI to be specific. Most of it. 

If you thought AI was just something you watched in movies, you are 100% living under a rock! Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming businesses today and enabling entrepreneurs to take advantage of smarter technologies. In this blog post, we’ll explore what AI is, its current applications in business, why it’s still important to have a human element when implementing AI into operations, and the future of AI in the industry.

Let’s start with the basics: What exactly is AI? It’s an umbrella term for any computer system that can mimic human behavior and learn from data inputs using algorithms and other artificial intelligence models — like JasperAI. Common examples of AI include intelligent chatbots, facial recognition software, medical image analysis systems, and automated assistants.

For entrepreneurs who are looking for help with new technologies, understanding AI is key to their success. If used appropriately, AI can provide businesses with improved efficiency and cost savings. Businesses can use automation tools such as JasperAI to streamline processes like customer service inquiries or order processing; they can also leverage machine learning algorithms to generate insights from customer data that inform marketing decisions or product development initiatives.

Now onto the most important part: why it’s still important to have a human touch even when utilizing AI technologies. The reason is simple: while some tasks can be done through smart machines like JasperAI, there are areas where human interaction will always be invaluable (e.g., creative problem solving). Additionally, humans have the capacity to give more nuanced feedback than machines – something that artificial intelligence models simply cannot do right now. After all, robots don’t understand sarcasm!

Let’s use my experience creating this blog post as an example of why you still need human touch. You need to have a great prompt. This is number one. You need to have a goal for your AI tool. Specifically, I wanted AI to write a blog about itself giving an overview. It took me six times to get the prompt to give me a result that was close to what I was looking for. You have to advise your AI tool on who your audience is, what your tone of voice is, and specific points you want it to touch on. So, no AI is not taking over everyone’s job just yet, it still needs A LOT of human hand holding.

Finally, let’s talk about the future of AI in the industry. We believe that advancements in cognitive computing capabilities will continue to shape new ways of doing business – allowing us to glean more valuable knowledge from customer data faster than ever before! However, at least for now – and maybe even into the foreseeable future – having humans involved in decision-making processes remains essential for successful deployment of autonomous technologies powered by artificial intelligence.

Is your business already fully embracing an AI tool? Are you finding it useful? Maybe confusing. Do you want to learn how to use the tool most effectively? We can help.

The team at Life By Design Virtual Solutions stays up-to-date on all the latest tech and development. We know how to use AI for your business, just reach out, we can help.