How to Avoid Distractions in Your Business

Do you get distracted easily in your business and not get everything done that you intended to?

There are income producing activities and then there are distractions. Sometimes, you think you are running your business, but in reality you are letting distractions keep you from making money.

Most people, especially when they are new, have a job and have to work their business on the side in their spare time. So if that’s you, you need to make sure that the time you have to run your business is laser focused.

You need to be doing income producing activities and sometimes you have to ask yourself if the activity you are doing is going to grow your business and make sales for your business. If the answer is no, or I’m not sure, then most likely it is just a distraction.

Things such as scrolling Facebook constantly, that’s a distraction. Now, can you grow your business using Facebook? Yes. But scrolling and watching cute videos and reading how someone’s day went is not going to grow your business.

Something else we do is let other things get in the way of running our business, which are excuses. We say things like, “well I just don’t have the time because I have to get home and make dinner and bath the kids and feed the dogs and put up laundry“. Whatever the excuse may be. We all have made them. I’m not saying neglect those things. I’m saying that if you want your business to succeed you have to not let those things take away from your business time.

So if you can only work your business one hour a day, that hour needs to be laser focused on your business, with a plan of action and a schedule for each thing. Your family needs to know your schedule so they can work around it as well, and you need to stop letting distractions keep you from making money.

My advice is to get a planner and schedule your time. Schedule activities within that time frame that are income producing activities, and use that scheduled time to be laser focused on your business. You will thank yourself later when you are able to leave that full time job like I did. It’s a very freeing feeling.

To your success,

Genean Roberts

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