Why Choose LBD Staffing Solutions:

There are several reasons why utilizing our team can be beneficial to the growth of your business: 

We can help with hiring the right people!

We can help with creating policies!

We can help ongoing with things such as:

Cost effective

High-quality candidates

Saves time

  1. Cost effective- Instead of spending money on the wrong candidate, we have the expertise to find the right candidates through extensive vetting, decreasing the likelihood that you will spend more money overall by hiring someone that is not the right fit. 
  2. High-quality candidates- Recruiters have access and can take the time necessary to establish relationships with high-quality candidates and employers in tandem, providing support to both the employer and the candidate. 
  3. Saves time- Finding the right candidate can take months. With an experienced recruiter and streamlined hiring processes, that time can be cut in half. At LBD Staffing Solutions, we can focus on the recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding processes so that you and your team can focus on more pressing matters in your organization. 

Who We Are:

Life by Design (LBD) Staffing Solutions is a recruiting agency that acts as a middleman, matching you with qualified candidates that work well with your company culture. With over twenty years of experience collectively in recruiting, we understand that finding the right fit in a candidate can happen in an instant or take several months at a time, which is time that you don’t have to waste. We take the hassle out of locating the best candidates so that you don’t have to by diligently streamlining the process and taking care of the back-end work to find suitable candidates quickly. 

What We Do:

We are passionate about helping you grow your business. We work directly to get to know who you are and your company direction, helping you through every step of the hiring process. As a recruiting agency, getting to know you and your industry requires consistently staying on top of and understanding the labor market as it relates to the services you offer to your community.

Services We Offer:

Job Descriptions and Postings

Candidate Searches and Shortlisting

Vetting Applicants


Reference Checks

Background Screenings


Standard Operating Procedures

Job Descriptions and Postings :

Writing precise, compelling, and clean descriptions and job postings, and monitoring the effectiveness of those postings can take an extensive amount of time of your day and steer you away from more pressing matters of your business. Our team of specialists can do all of that for you. LBD Staffing Solutions also uses top-rated recruiting sites to connect and vet the best-desired candidate for the position you are trying to fill.

Candidate Searches and Shortlisting :

Sifting through hundreds of applicants can become a time-consuming and daunting task. To streamline your search for a qualified candidate, LBD Staffing Solutions shortlists all candidates down to those that best meet the criteria for what you are looking for, saving time and money long term. Taking this step in the hiring process will ensure you are not wasting time with candidates who may be under or overqualified for the positions you are looking to fill. 

Vetting Applicants :

LBD Staffing Solutions requires all applicants to complete an application specified to the client’s needs, send in a resume, as well as a short video interview. At that point, we will vet these candidates and schedule a virtual interview with those candidates that meet all client requirements.

Interviewing :

At LBD Staffing Solutions, we conduct a 15-minute phone screening once candidates are vetted, and then a more in-depth virtual Zoom interview, not only to evaluate technical skills but to identify the candidate’s skills to complement your company’s working culture. We assess the candidate’s character traits, confidence level in the role they wish to be hired for, qualifications, problem-solving skills, as well as communication skills. At that point, once we have the candidates narrowed down, we would schedule another virtual interview with a member of our team, the candidate, and you, the client. Your participation in the final interview is a valuable part of the process. This gives you the best of both worlds: control over the hiring process, while saving you time.

Reference Checks :

Upon determining a candidate’s suitability, we will conduct professional reference checks by reaching out to the provided references. We request that the applicant provide 3 to 4 references, with the objective of speaking to at least two of them.

Background Screenings :

 (Optional add-on) Maintaining the integrity of your company is crucial to your success within your community. Background screenings aid in getting a complete picture of the candidate that you hire and help to establish a safe environment for all in the workplace. LBD Staffing Solutions can screen all areas of a candidate’s resume relative to the client’s hiring needs, including criminal history, credit reports, and driving records, if needed, for an additional fee. 

Onboarding :

A seamless onboarding process leads to higher employee retention rates and employee engagement. A seamless onboarding process ensures that your new hire does not blindly walk into their new position. We will ensure all needed paperwork is completed and signed (sent to us by client) such as tax forms, handbook if applicable, copies of ID and SSN, etc. Once all paperwork is received and added to the candidate file, we will then schedule their first (orientation) day. This is where our process ends and yours begins. 

Standard Operating Procedures :

To improve your employees’ understanding of their role with your company and to get your point across about what you expect and prefer from your employees’ work, standard operating procedures should be outlined and made clear. LBD Staffing Solutions can create and guide you in establishing and organizing operating systems that work across your company’s channels.

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