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Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Virtual Assistant

Social media for a business is no longer a side job or an afterthought. Social media is a mega marketing tool that people can’t ignore. Why? Because there are over 4.62 Billion social media users today on average, people spend 2 hours and 27 minutes on social media EVERY DAY.

So, what is a social media virtual assistant? A social media virtual assistant refers to a contract worker who works remotely. They have the requisite skills, training, and knowledge to drive and guide your brand’s social media tasks. Tasks include managing the social media handles and scheduling posts, researching trends, posting quality content, and engaging your user base.

Here are three reasons you should outsource your company’s social media to a virtual assistant.  

  1. They help reduce costs. Since a virtual assistant is a contract worker, you save by not having them as W-2 employees. There is no overhead like benefits and insurance. You also don’t have to train them since they specialize in specific skill sets and experience. They work remotely, so there is no supplying office equipment for them. You pay them hourly only for the work done. And you can leverage improved business efficiency by delegating everything social media-related to the assistant while you focus on getting new customers, retaining the existing ones, and driving profits.
  1. They can engage your target market organically. Your social media pages need to stay active and have a consistent dialogue running. You are not trying to promote your brand in a sales-y, irritating way. You are trying to have fulfilled conversations with real customers. It’s about being relevant to the user’s everyday life and driving authentic interactions that promote the brand to have an emotional and more intimate connection with the customer (as opposed to having a purely transactional one). This is where the role of a dedicated social media assistant starts. They can respond to each post in real-time and boost engagement rates through the roof.
  1. They can develop a strategy. Posting a series of random social media posts will not fly for your social media campaigns to be effective. You need to move ahead strategically, keeping in mind your business goals, social media goals, user needs, and demands. Social media is constantly changing, and your social media virtual assistant will be well-versed incurrent trends. A strategically aligned social media strategy can have big payoffs. However, it requires plenty of time, effort, and commitment – which you can do by hiring a seasoned social media virtual assistant.

Hiring a social media virtual assistant will make your social media strategy more organized, goal-focused, customer-centric, and results-driven. It will provide a massive ROI in the long run. 

Ready to take your social media to the next level?
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