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8 Spring Cleaning Tips for Small Businesses

Even as some cities and states across the country are still seeing snow (!!), most everyone has Spring flowers on the brain. And along with those flowers, Spring Cleaning comes to mind!  Here are 8 quick tips to get your small business tidied up for the new season.

  1. Clean out that inbox! Millions of emails are sent out every day. And even though you probably aren’t personally getting a million emails a day, they can really pile up if you aren’t keeping tabs on them. A lot of us get a bunch of spam and junk emails, which can overwhelm your inbox and cause you to miss more important emails. I promise you will feel so light and free once that inbox gets sorted!
  1. Review your goals. Spring is a time of renewal, a fresh start. It is the perfect time to review your business goals. You can reassess your goals for the year, determine if your routine is working and take another look at your business plan to ensure you’re still on track for the year. Now is a good time to make any adjustments to things that just aren’t working for your business. 
  1. Clean up your website. If you are like me, then your website to-do list has been gathering dust. Now is a good time to make those edits, swap out those graphics and update your online portfolio. 
  1. Update your social media profiles. Check out your profile pictures and bio. Do they need freshening up? Are they still a good reflection of your brand? Now is a great time to make those adjustments. 
  1. Review your business plan. Once a year is a good standard for reviewing your business plan. In order for your company to grow you need to have a good solid foundation of a business plan, and that means tweaking and adjusting as you grow and change. 
  1. Give your clients a review too! Renew, refresh! This goes for clients as well. Organize your contact list into current clients and leads. Then assess the client list. Are they a good fit for your company? Do they pay their bills on time? Can you see your company growing with these clients? This will also put you in the mindset to think about what clients you want to attract moving forward and which you would like to steer clear of. 
  1. Upgrade! If your budget allows you to, this might be a good time to upgrade some of your free versions of software into versions with more functions. Upgrading can improve your business’s workflow and efficiency and ultimately, profits. I’ll throw this tip in here too, make sure you are updating all your programs too! Otherwise you may be vulnerable to viruses.
  1. And lastly, give your actual office/workspace a proper clean. Disinfect and clean your electronics, and desk. Ditch all the junk paper mail and receipts you have been collecting (even better, go paperless!!). And maybe throw in a nice plant or flowers for added freshness. 

Get to it! And as always, please reach out to our team at Life By Design Virtual Solutions if you need help with organization, project management, administration and more.  We can help your small business get organized and systemized! 

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